Many people see summer as a prime opportunity to improve their diets, fitness or general health. If you are resolved to have a healthier summer, make sure that you do not forget your oral health. Many summer habits can harm your teeth, which makes summer the perfect time to work on implementing the following healthy changes.

Give Your Teeth a Break

During summer, you may expose your teeth to stresses which they may not be equipped to handle. To protect against cracks, fractures, and tooth loss, start making these practices habitual:

•Stop chewing ice. This can cause chips, which can lead to sensitivity and undermine the strength of your enamel. 

•Do not use your teeth on items that are not food. Opening wrappers, popping bottle caps or cutting threads with your teeth creates unnecessary stress and can cause cracking.

•Prevent trauma during sports. Wearing a mouthguard during highly physical or competitive sports can reduce your risk of fracturing or losing teeth.

If you do notice any sensitivity, pain or visible signs of tooth damage, make sure to visit your periodontist in Louisville, KY, before the problem worsens.

Eat Right

Summer brings countless tempting treats, from cold snacks such as ice cream, to high-calorie foods at state fairs. However, summer is also the ideal season to enjoy fresh and natural foods. Boost your oral and general health by cutting back on foods that are high in sugar and increasing your intake of lean meats, healthy dairy products, and fresh produce.

Hydrate Accordingly

Staying hydrated during summer is often difficult, and it can be tempting to turn to beverages such as sports drinks. However, the high acidity of these drinks can damage the enamel of your teeth, so it is best to limit these beverages or avoid them altogether. It is also advisable to limit consumption on other sugary summer drinks, from slushies to cocktails.

Making Your Health a Priority

If you tend to stay busy during the summer, it can be easy to become complacent with good habits and ignore potential health problems. Make sure to be vigilant about looking after your oral health, and if you notice any issues developing, do not delay seeking treatment. For help with any periodontal health issues, call Drs. Reid Nelson and Doug Lowy today at 502-653-8185 to schedule your appointment.