Factors of Dental Implant Cost
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Factors of Dental Implant Cost
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When considering a dental implant, cost can vary greatly depending upon the number of implants needed, the method of tooth restoration selected, or any conditions that require treatment before implants can be placed.

Extent of Tooth Loss: The overall dental implant cost will vary according to the number of teeth you wish to replace. If you are replacing a single tooth, a single dental implant is placed, but when you have multiple missing teeth, the number of dental implants required will increase as well.

Type of Procedure: When restoring multiple missing teeth with dental implants in Louisville, you may opt for individually placed dental implants, implant supported dentures, or an implant supported dental bridge. Each restoration method requires a specific amount of time and materials based upon the number of teeth replaced and therefore, impacts the dental implant cost.

Pre-existing Conditions: Patients with conditions that can affect the success of the dental implants will require treatment before the procedure can be performed, which may raise the overall dental implant cost.

• Periodontal disease creates an unhealthy environment for your new implants and should be treated before undergoing dental implants in Louisville. Root planing or laser gum surgery may be suggested, modifying the dental implant cost.
• If you have experienced bone loss, you may need grafts to ensure that there is a sufficient amount of bone to accommodate your dental implants. This will add to the dental implant cost.
• It is possible that Doctors Nelson or Lowy may recommend a sinus lift before placing your dental implants in Louisville.
• Prior to the placement of implants, your own teeth, if present, will require extraction. The dental implant cost will change based upon the number of extractions performed.

Due to the fact that dental implant cost is based on your specific dental needs, a consultation with Doctors Nelson and Lowy is the best way to determine your investment. After a thorough evaluation, it will be possible to provide you with your personal treatment plan and expected overall dental implant cost.

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