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• The Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®) gum disease surgery alternative is based upon laser technology and does not require scalpels or sutures, unlike traditional surgery.
• With traditional surgery, the healthy gum tissue must be cut in order to provide access and visibility to the surgical site. This method of cutting into healthy tissue can create receding gums. Causes of gum disease include bacteria entering through receding gums. This is not the case with the gum disease surgery alternative, which requires no cutting or suturing.
• There is less pain and less downtime associated with the gum disease surgery alternative. The laser eliminates the bacteria that cause the inflammation of the gums, improving your health after the first visit.
• Healing times are faster, as our periodontists can control any bleeding using the laser. For example, the laser influences the blood to form a sealed environment, ideal for healing during the gum disease surgery alternative. Conversely, traditional surgery methods cannot affect the flow of blood.
• There are zero contraindications with gum disease surgery alternative. Patients who take medication or having existing illnesses are not precluded. Traditional surgery, however, may not be the recommended option for every patient.
• The gum disease surgery alternative is able to regenerate bone, reversing prior impact of gum disease. Traditional surgery does not have any effect on bone.


A Consultation for the Gum Disease Surgery Alternative in Louisville, KY

Are you suffering from periodontal disease? This gum disease surgery alternative may be right for you. Many patients that are uneasy about surgery or dental procedures find that the minimally invasive nature of LANAP® provides a more convenient and comfortable way to treat their gum disease. Contact our office to learn more. Doctors Nelson and Lowy would be pleased to answer your questions about receding gums, causes of gum disease, and our gum disease surgery alternative.

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Learn About the Gentle, Periodontal Treatment Alternative. The LANAP Laser Treatment Can Gently Treat Gum Disease with No Scalpel or Sutures! 


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